Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's in Your Food Cart?

Been trying to survive on fruits and veggies. (Ok. Ok. A little meat here and there.)

My cart looks like this when I went out to buy groceries. What I love about earning my own money, is I can buy whatever I want. My mom had her own cart, and well...let's just say whatever she had on her cart would wreck havoc on my weight loss plan.

It makes me happy that I can make healthy choices and actually eat the healthy foods I buy. It doesn't feel like I'm punishing myself. On the contrary, it is quite fulfilling.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Puppy Cake

It's a puppy!!--cake. 

A store-bought cake for one of my nieces' birthday.

Cakes here in Japan can range from cute--to down right weird.  This one is a little bit of both

I think it's a puppy, though I'm not sure what the strawberries behind its ears are. (They are ears, right? Or ridiculous looking eyebrows?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pink Flowers

These flowers were given to me by the teachers in school. They're so beautiful.

I like pink and purple, and I love it that they chose those colors for the flowers. Awfully sweet of them. Except for the roses and lilies in the bouquet, I have no idea what these other blooms are. Does anybody know? They are lovely, anyway. 

I just had to take a picture before they wilted.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kiss the Fairy

Rana kissing a Disney fairy.

What better way to take pictures of kids than to go to Disney Land. In this case, Disney Sea.

My niece, Rana, was very excited to find Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. I took a lot of pictures of her with the characters, but the photo on the left is by far, my favorite. The fairy, Fawn, was so sweet for obliging my niece to kiss her.

My Summer Salad

I have always been a visual-type of person. Beautiful things greatly appeal to me (Yeah, so I am a little vain too). Same goes for food. I love food that is well presented. 

This little beauty on the left is a salad I made after carefully choosing which veggies would look great together and which veggies I could actually stomach to eat (Not really a strong veggie person). And in my hunt for that perfect fresh veggie salad I came up with this one: Red cabbage, red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, and some kind of edible yellow flower, doused with my mom's recipe for vinaigrette .

I couldn't resist taking a picture before taking a bite.